Passenger Floorboards - Black


A passenger will enjoy a comfortable, stable perch with these Passenger Floorboards. They replace the stock foot pegs and mount securely on the Adjustable Passenger Floorboard Mounts (required and sold separately). These floorboards feature a strong metal base and a grooved rubber top that provides a passenger’s feet with a comfortable foothold. The base is hinged so the floorboards can be flipped up when not in use.

• Stylish, comfortable floorboards provide a passenger with a secure perch for their feet
• Floorboards replace stock foot pegs & provide a significantly larger space for feet
• Floorboards consist of strong metal base with grooved rubber top
• Base is hinged so floorboards can be flipped up when not in use
• Floorboards mount on Adjustable Passenger Floorboard Mounts (required & sold separately)